Crash and error reporting for every developer!


Get instant crash and error notifications no matter your development stack.

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Do you think its a good idea relying on your customers reporting issues? We don't think so either

How does it work?


Create An Account

Sign up your company for an account and optionally add your team members


Initialise App/Web Service

Register your app or web service, and include one of our official libraries from our GitHub page and then initialise the library/SDK


Get Notified

Receive instant crash notifications by email (and optionally SMS) and get issues with your apps and services resolved quickly.



Active User & Release Detection

View the number of users that have been using your app or service along with when a new release was detected and easily see trends.

crash and bugs

Full Control of Crashes

You have complete control of the crashes that are reported. For example crashes that you have no control over such as hardware or device configuration you can stop reporting on them.

important information

Clutter Free

Don't get bogged down in information that is not relevant to a crash. Only see what is vital to know how to replicate and resolve the issue fast before your users are affected.


Keep on Top of Crash Reports

Make notes on crashes to keep yourself and other team members updated. You can also @mention people within your team to help investigate and resolve the crash/error.


Instant Crash Notifications

No waiting around for hours, maybe days to receive crash notifications, receive crashes as soon as they happen via email. You can also receive crashes and errors via SMS notifications but you can control what crashes are sent.

cross platform

Any Language any Platform

CritiMon has many official libraries and SDKs for various programming languages and platforms which can be included in your project in just a few minutes and a couple of lines of code. If we don't officially support a language, you can build and include your own library using our simple crash API.

cross platform

Stop Development Devices from Reporting Crashes

Do you get annoyed that when you are working on your projects that your crash monitoring keep reporting crashes and errors while you are developing? We thought so too. That' why. as soon as the first crash is received, you can specify it came from a development device, and it will no longer report crashes, active user analysis and app release detection.

cross platform

Supported Platforms/Languages

CritiMon supports many different programming languages and platforms from software, to websites, such as Android, C++, PHP to name a couple. All of the official libaries are open source and available on on our GitHub pages.

If there's not an official library or SDK for your programming language or SDK then there is a simple and lightweight crash API that can be used so you can build your own community version of a crash monitoring library.

Cross Platform Development
Screenshot of Crash Details
code review

Stop relying on your customers to report bugs and faults within your apps or services and save your developers time by trying to understand customer bug reports and replicating, diagnosing and fixing faults.

Instead trust us to provide you all the information across your entire development stack.


If you are a developer, whether a hobbyist, a startup company or a large enterprise, we're sure there's a plan for you. Custom plan options will be available soon

Pricing below is based on a monthly subscription


For small hobbyists with few apps or who just want to try out the platform before upgrading. You can upgrade and downgrade your account at any time.

  • Any platform and language that CritiMon supports
  • Post custom crash data for not officially supported langues & platforms
  • 3 Registered Apps
  • 1 Month Data Retention
  • New Crash Email Notification


For small companies or startups who have a few apps and/or web products and/or who need a longer retention period

  • Any platform and language that CritiMon supports
  • Post custom crash data for not officially supported langues & platforms
  • 5 Registered Apps
  • 2 Months Data Retention
  • New Crash Email Notification
  • New Crash SMS Notification*
£4.99 £9.99


For larger companies who have several apps and/or web products who also need a longer retention period for their data.

  • Any platform and language that CritiMon supports
  • Post custom crash data for not officially supported langues & platforms
  • 20 Registered Apps
  • 3 Months Data Retention
  • New Crash Email Notification
  • New Crash SMS Notification*
£9.99 £19.99

All priced plans come with a 14 day trial you can cancel at any time - No Credit Card Required

Current pricing is for a limited time only but there will always be a free plan

*The number of SMS notifications available is dependant on the price plan selected. For small plan its up to 50 new crash notifications per a month, for a pro plan its up to 100 new crash notifications per a month.

Try CritiMon for free now!

See for yourself how CritiMon can improve your apps and services reliability and make your customers happy

Need any help or have any questions, just drop us a message or email us at [email protected], we'll be happy to help.

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